Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not A Vagrant

I guess because I have a job, I technically couldn't be subject to any existing vagrancy laws that may still be on the books. Even so, it's a strange feeling to find myself with not a single dollar in my wallet.

Luckily, I had change. And just enough -- with a dime to spare -- to get a cup of coffee and a donut on the way in. This, in spite of the fact that I'd intended to grab a few bucks from the bank en route to work. (I tried but the stupid ATM was down.)

I've been broke before. In fact, it wasn't a whole lot of years ago that I found myself amidst a very nasty financial struggle. Luckily, that's in the rearview mirror. I'm not wealthy by any stretch, but things are a whole lot easier than they used to be. (Finally. After more than 20 years of effort.) Words can't describe how grateful I am for that.

Instinctively reaching for cash, only to find none there, was a stark reminder of tougher times -- and of the daily struggles that so many others are experiencing now. I guess that's why I'm madder than ever at some of the craziest factions running loose in our society. I try to avoid politics in this venue, but I'm too p*ssed to be silent.

There isn't ENOUGH chaos that PUBLIC SERVANTS are inciting the masses to attack their colleagues? And an entire group of elected officials, unhappy with their political setbacks, are grinding government to a halt. On purpose. Like little 2-year-olds stamping their little feet on the floor 'cause they need to pout. It's disgusting.

What would happen at YOUR job if you just decided, "No. I'm not doing ANY of this today" and walked out? I know what would happen at mine. I'd be docked or fired. And that is EXACTLY what needs to be done in the U.S. Senate. They need to return yesterday's salaries IN FULL. And if they keep it up, they need to be FIRED!

Aw. Unhappy because things didn't go your way so you're just going to use your elective power in spite? How ADULT of you!

Can't be bothered to meet with MILITARY LEADERS who came from all points of the globe or discuss the fates of HOMELESS VETERANS and NUTRITION PROGRAMS FOR KIDS who might not otherwise eat this summer? FINE. Get the hell out and give the job to someone who WILL do it. Your worthless a**es aren't needed.

And to steal a line from that philosopher Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that." Thanks for indulging me. I feel better!


Karen Anne said...

Yeah, really. The Senate rules promote dysfunction, because they were apparently written when Senators were adults.

I can just imagine how you know who would be carrying on if Democrats had stiffed Military leaders.

What isn't clear to me is how much Reid can do to fix the Senate, or if he has the will to do so. Someone developed a backbone in the last few weeks, or we wouldn't have the health care bill. I hope that behavior continues.

By the way, I was surprised to read in the Washington Post that the savings from the bill outweigh the costs. What an evil bill :-)

kaypasa2001 said...

Little did you know, there were doughnuts at work!

artsyfish said...


Chris Simon said...

You go girl! Somebody (or a lot of us somebodies) has to say it.

Vicki said...

The Washington Post has an article today outlining shenanigans, foul mouths and brawls that have happened since the beginning of the Congress. Nothing is new under the sun, even for our politicians, and it is both sides playing the political game. They all should be fired, not just the Republicans. There should be short term limits set so no one could become a career politician. If people feel they were created by God to be public servants then they could serve in some other fashion after their stint in Congress is up. If the benefits of being a long-term politician were taken away we would see people being elected who truly cared about America and the American people in whole, not interest groups on both sides of the aisle. Neither side can claim to want to help this country more based on the crap that both sides pull.

Karen Anne said...

I dunno, Vicki, there are some good guys who have been there awhile. What we need is some way to prevent politicians from profiting from their votes - no mega campaign contributions, no fat jobs on boards or as lobbyists after they leave office, etc.

Anonymous said...