Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Vanity Insanity

If you've been following the saga of the Dream Vanity, or lack thereof, you're in need of another update.

My godmother went to Lowe's last week fully intending to pick up the "big brother" of the Dream Vanity after I had been told the Friday before that the Dream model was discontinued and was no longer available. I'd been dealing with a manager who agreed to give me a deal on the bigger unit for all the confusion AND who was not present when my godmother went to claim the consolation vanity.

When she explained the situation to the youngster who was on duty, he quickly told her that what the manager had said wasn't exactly right. "They aren't unavailable," he said. "They're just a little harder to come by."

Apparently, the manager was full of crap when he said he'd checked all over. Within five minutes, the youngster on duty had located 29 of them in a warehouse in Rockford, Ill.! He said he'd order one for her and it would be in in about a week. She was ecstatic.

When she called with this news, I was skeptical. I knew that the placement of the phone call telling her that they could not, in fact, get this vanity was just a matter of time. But apparently, I was wrong!

On Saturday, she got the call that the vanity was now in the store, ready for pick-up.

I'm still not sure that I believe it -- or that I will until I hear that she has picked it up and ensured that it is indeed the Dream Vanity. That's still to come. Here's hoping that this is what I will one day see, all ready to be installed in the ladies' room.

The further beauty of this story is that if she did, in fact, score the Dream Vanity, she scored it at a seriously discounted price. Not only did they honor the original discount I secured with the manager, but I gave her a Lowe’s coupon to use. All in all, she saved $80.

That’s just about enough money to get a cut and a color for all the gray this little episode has put on my head!