Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Can Finally Explain

Finally … I can talk about just what I was alluding to here!

Part of what’s kept me so silent (not to mention busy) lately is that I’m getting a new job. The beauty is that I’m not leaving my company. Nope. No starting over! I’m not even moving to a different floor – just to the opposite side of the one I’m on now. And, at least initially, I’m not even going to be doing anything all that different from what I’ve been doing the past few months.

So, it’s both a big change … and yet it’s not. It’s not a promotion exactly, more of a lateral move, but one that has a tremendous potential to advance. After kind of idling in park for a while, I think it’s exactly what I need.

It would be an understatement to say I’m excited about this. And it would be an equal understatement to say I’m humbled and gratified by the incredible reception I’ve already received from my future groupmates even though I’m not fully there yet. And to have been asked for … well, that’s been a little heady to say the least!

Where work is concerned, my ego has been anorexic for quite a long time. But in the past few weeks, it has been overfed with a menu of some of the most lavish and succulent dishes you can imagine. And it’s been wonderful!

I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. Now, it’s time to get to work living up to all the hype.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congratulations. I hope it is everything you want, without the extra calories . . .

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will exceed their expectations! I'm so happy for you.

Vicki said...

Congrats N!!! That's wonderful news and a great way to start of the spring!

dyanna said...

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Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...