Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Country Song

Left my sunglasses at home
And my wiperblade’s bent
Bank card’s layin’ on the dresser
And my money is spent.

That’s been my morning thus far. It made me chuckle a little bit because it sounded like a country song. Not that I plan to become Loretta Lynn anytime soon. (My intolerance of country music is well documented though there are a few exceptions.)

Unlike yesterday, I got a jump on today and made the bus without issue. Good thing considering that I had frost on the windows and had to scrape them. Since the windshield was just a tiny bit fogged up, I flipped on the wipers – only to discover that the passenger side was frozen in place. It promptly kicked itself loose, flipped over and proceeded to bend in the middle before I could stop it. (Hence the bent wiper.) Thank God there’s no rain forecast for today. I’ll need to pick poor Ladybird up a new blade!

And I would have sworn I had sunglasses in my pocket but apparently not. I also thought I’d put my ATM card away but that seems to be just as much of a fantasy as the sunglasses.
The mother was busy with more picture frames this morning. She had managed to find some small complementary frames to go with the picture of the restaurant and with its founding family. I’ll have to fix and redo the content. She has names partially cut off and it doesn’t look right.

Adding that to my list.