Monday, March 1, 2010

What Am I Up to Now?

It got up to 47 degrees yesterday and I took advantage of the sunny afternoon to embark on a new project. It’s another one on the list of things for Another Damn House.

This used to be three 7-foot boards – until I worked out a design and turned them into four 38-inch and four 21.75-inch boards respectively.

I fully expect that these boards – along with four small bullseye rosettes (not pictured) – will have paint on them by the time I get home tonight. But then what will happen to them?

Just wait and see! While the application for this project is a commercial one, it’s something you could do for your house (if so inclined) and something I’m thinking about doing in my own office.

Hint: If you look closely at one of the photos in this post, you might see some familiar materials. This project though, while similar, will be very, very different.

Stay tuned …