Monday, June 21, 2010

Cute Shoes and All

The mother is addicted to shoes. For the most part, it’s not a weakness of mine.

Until recently.

I noticed that the same few pair of shoes that I wear to work during warmer weather have pretty much had it or else are getting rather battered. Two pair were purchased at least five years ago; another pair is two years old. The last one falls somewhere in between.

I don’t usually see shoes that I must have but I’ve seen more than my share in the past two weeks. The beauty is I paid less than $40 for every pair. In fact, I paid $30—or less, in most cases $25 or less after a 15 percent off everything sale– for every pair! As you can see, these are all in my “signature” colors: black and brown.

These were the ones that started all the trouble.

They’re black patent and I love the wedge heel. They are uber comfortable, too. The mother thinks they’re ugly. I get compliments at work though every time I’ve worn them. I’m not exactly a fashionista so that’s pretty cool.

The brown heels were the other “must haves.”

I’d seen a pair in the store in another color and wished they were black – or brown. Then, I got a “hat trick” email earlier this month in which they were on sale, I got a discount off my total purchase and shipping was free. To top it off, those brown thong sandals just above them? Well, I got those in-store, too, but the same ad that had the heels also had the sandals in BLACK. (You can see them at the top of the first photo.) They didn't have them in the store in my size, but they did online. Yes, pinch me!

So, I’m all set for summer now and probably for a summer or two to come. Unless something else comes along. I can justify it. I do have a birthday next month …


MonkeyGirl said...

For not being a shoe diva - you are certainly putting this shoe fanatic to shame this summer! Good luck with those Rialto thongs - I bought a pair in black and wore them to work once. I still have a hole in my toe where they rubbed a huge blister into my toe. If we wore the same size I would gladly hand them over to you in a heartbeat! I think they are going in the charity clothing pick-up this week!

Kate R said...

Cute shoes! I'm not much of a shoe person but somehow I always end up with more sandals than any other type of shoe.

NV said...

MG -- Yikes! I've had no trouble and I've already worn both pairs multiple times. Maybe I lucked out.

Kate -- Thanks! I'm definitely not a shoe girl eitherbut I seem to be becoming a little more of one each year. :-)