Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rolling Around in My Head

After almost two weeks of 90+ temperatures (with 76-80 being the average low at night) I feel like my brain has been taken off of “boil.”

It is actually pleasant this morning. Still warm, still a little humid, but just a little. I’d say that’s due to the showers that must have happened overnight because everywhere is dotted with little leftover puddles. It’s nothing like yesterday though.

Yesterday morning when I walked outside it was quite literally like walking directly into a wall. It was SO oppressively hot, even at 6 a.m. And it got no better through the course of the day. Temps in the upper 90s with a heat index well over 100 degrees. Waiting for the bus last night, I could barely breathe. I swear I don’t know how people work outside all day in weather like this.
I walked down to the Culinaria despite the heat. I wanted the salad that, at least for the first few days, I was forcing myself to eat. I’ll take that as a good sign. Maybe there’s hope for me yet!
Everyone else must have had the same idea because they were out of lettuce! I stood around and waited for some though with several other people. They were out of the fresh fruit medley, too, something I REALLY do love but unfortunately, they weren’t bringing any more of that out.
I bought some cantaloupe slices instead. (Luckily, I DO love fruit and always have.) Since I only ate some of those, I still have some left for breakfast today. Yummy! Summer fruits are awesome!
I got a compliment from a client yesterday who is notorious for NOT giving compliments. That’s a surefire way to buoy your spirits, especially as we prepare to cross the finish line of a big project that has been under way for about three months. This odd mix of pain and joy resulting from something that you created has got to be something akin to childbirth!
Looks like companies are paying attention to social media.

Last week I tweeted about Charter’s Video on Demand service going in and out. (I restarted the same movie no less than six times!) It wasn’t until a few days later that I discovered it, but Charter had tweeted back asking if it was working yet …

Then, last night I got an email from GM. They have been a strong presence during the past few months on a Cadillac forum that I joined right around a year ago. That forum is filled with good information (how I found out that it was the purge valve solenoid that made Pearl’s engine light come on and how I knew that a recall notice on brake lines was in my future).

Apparently, after all of the lost GM dealerships (including the one where Pearl came from though I won’t consider that a great loss) Cadillac has singled out certain GM dealers for warranty and other service work. This is good to know as I have to have that recall work done AND Pearl will need an oil change soon.

The better news is that I won’t have to pay for my next oil change. Or any oil changes (up to 4) through next June! This means that I will have owned a car for more than two years (by next June) and never have paid for an oil change. Can I hear a BOO-YAH?!