Saturday, June 26, 2010

Heat Wave and Random Thoughts

It's currently 97 degrees out with a heat index of 105. After such a lovely day on Thursday, the heat began returning again yesterday and now it's back with a vengeance.

Later, we were supposed to go to a work event but it soooo hot. The mother just wouldn't make it. And if she's miserable, I'm destined to be doubly so so we'll just stay home.

I bypassed yard work even though I was up very early this morning. It's not as bad thanks to all the heat, so I guess it can wait a week, unless we don't get the rain we're supposed to tomorrow. I ended up going back to bed. It was nice to just sleep.


But then I dreamed about the Gulf oil disaster last night. It really shook me up and it was hard to go back to sleep. I ended up sitting with the mother for a few hours and watching a movie until about 8 a.m. Even then, it was hard to go back to sleep because by that time, the sun was fully situated in the sky, peeking in around the shades, and my room was about 5 degrees warmer.


When I went for a walk yesterday through downtown, I passed an interesting vehicle. It's not at all unusual to see trucks and small cars lining the streets with cardboard signs stuck on the dash to help keep them safe from the metermaids. DELIVERY VEHICLE they declare. Sometimes they still get tickets.

This one was different though. It was a newer model Mercedes convertible. I did a doubletake, reading the sign once more. Yes, it said DELIVERY VEHICLE. Seems like a rather interesting choice for delivering things.

Clearly, I'm in the wrong line of work.

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kaypasa2001 said...

Missed you at the work thing. It was fun but I was looking for the photographer.

Sorry I missed your giveaway. But I already have a B&D cordless trimmer! So it was best to let others increase their chances.