Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In My Backyard

We were watching TV last night when the mother went to the kitchen for something. A minute later, she called to me: “C’mere. Hurry!”

That’s not usually a good sign. But as I hit the doorway from the dining room she said: “Look out there,” she said, motioning to the kitchen window, the window that looks out onto the backyard. “You’re going to like it.”

As I entered the kitchen and neared the window, I expected to see an animal. Maybe a squirrel. Or possibly a little bird out on the deck. Instead, I was greeted by a beautiful sky as the sun began to wrap up its departure from it for the day.

Wow. It was so awesome that I headed back through the house to my room … and grabbed the camera. Then I went out to the backyard. These photos don’t quite do justice to what I saw but I think you’ll get the idea. The whole time I was taking these, I could here CCR in my head:
Doot, doot doo, lookin’ out my back door ….


Dominik said...

Suh-weet. That's my favorite kind of sky. Always so fleeting.


NV said...

Hey, Dom! Yeah, it was awfully pretty. I feel pretty privileged to get to see such awesome sunrises all the time. Nice to get to it see on the other end of the spectrum once in a while. :-)