Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flea Market Find

I'm always amazed by the things that folks like JeanMartha, Leah and Victoria are able to find in resale stores or auctions by their homes. Sometimes, I even covet their finds!

The mother and I go junkin' occasionally. We don't venture too far off of our normal course, so we were delighted to find a little store last month that had opened earlier this year right along the main drag of one our frequent haunts.

The mother manages to go through and find something just about each time we go. Me? Not so much. But then, I spied this sitting outside their door as we pulled up on our most recent visit.

What drew me immediately were its ball and claw feet. They perfectly match the legs on our coffee table in the living room. And, since I spend most of the time on the loveseat -- where I am frequently prevented from stretching out by Ozzie, this would be the ideal thing for me!

We're not taken with its current mauve velvet so that will be a future project eventually. (Yeah, I've got nothing better to do right now. *rolls eyes*) But, it's in remarkably good shape. And for $20, I couldn't very well just leave it sitting out there now could I?


Ty'sMommy said...

That is awesome! I am always so jealous of the things people find at flea markets and such, that I would never in a million years run across. Way to go!

Mama Martha said...

What a find! And now you can stretch out without that 'big' dog crowding you.

Kate R said...

Excellent find! And I really, majorly, hugely covet Jean's yellow KitchenAid mixer.

I never find any cheap good stuff. Our Goodwill's around here are way overpriced.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You got that for $20? That IS a find! I love it! Good for you!

Leah said...

THAT's what I need! A place to put my feet up. Great find & so cool that it matches the furniture you already have :) That means your home won't look like a furniture graveyard like mine.

NV said...

Ty'sMommy -- Thanks! That's how I usually feel, too. Most of the stuff that I find in junk stores is there because it is, well, junk and nothing I'd be interested in. :-)

MM -- You'd be surprised how much space that "big" dog can take up!

Kate -- Ours just mostly have junk, a lot of which I donated. :-)

Star -- I KNOW! It would still have been a bargain at twice that. The mother was stunned by how quickly I latched onto it.

Leah -- You don't have a furniture graveyard. You just have an eclectic collection. :-) (Yes, I work in PR.)