Monday, June 14, 2010

OPC’s Before and After 2010

For a DIYer, an even bigger payoff than the changes the job itself brings to your home is the satisfaction of knowing you did the job yourself.

But starting this Sunday (June 20), and every Sunday throughout the summer, our friends at One Project Closer are kickin’ it up a notch by awarding some worthy project a $50 Home Depot gift card for you and a donation made in your name to Habitat for Humanity! When the season wraps all weekly winners will compete for a grand prize, a $150 Home Depot card.

Hopefully, you took at least one before shot of your room or other makeover. And, while you can have some professional assistance on the job, ideally you’ve done most of it yourself. (There’s a 75 percent requirement for that. See the complete rules and instructions here.)

Send some pictures and the story of your project in! If you’re me, before you can enter, you need to get a project to the “after” stage. I’m hoping that before the contest wraps, either my bathroom or my kitchen (ideally both) will get in the running. I’ve been fortunate enough to be among weekly winners for the past two years, both for outdoor projects. Would be nice to add an indoor project to the mix!

But, if you’ve already got a project done for the year – or will wrap in the next few days – hurry and send it in! What better way to celebrate than a nice prize for you and the support of a great cause?

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