Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Fun Never Ends

(This post is actually from Tuesday but because of all the more serious events of that day and the hours preceding it, I didn't post. Since today's forecast is rain -- and just rain -- and cooler temps (as in 20 degrees cooler!), decided to go ahead and post this one. Wednesday was a pretty scary day in St. Louis but it ended up OK.)

Yet another storm front moved through very early Monday afternoon. I don’t know what the wind gusts got up to, but they had to be freakin’ phenomenal. A piece of ¼-inch glass was pulled off of the baker’s rack in the carport and literally hurled behind Pearl, shattering the length of the driveway from carport to street. Unfreakingbelieavable!

I had Pearl covered as a precaution, trying to avoid more damage ‘til I can get her fixed, and the wind (which Lambert clocked at up to 84 mph) tried in spite of the bungee cords to remove it. Ripped the whole rear passenger section of the cover. Oh, and another shutter was peeled off the back of the house, right off one of my bedroom windows.

There are bits of trash all over the yard and the mats I have down to help control the amount of oil that the driveway gets dripped on from Ladybird ended up in the neighbor’s yard. And none of this stuff, except for the shutter, is light.

So, I have to pick up all this little mini-disaster when I get home from work. Fun times.

Trying to do just one more thing before dinner, I run downstairs to grab some birdseed. Wait. Gotta turn on the lights. D*MN! The dimmer switch is permanently dimmed – it won’t switch on. So, the hall light is the only light you get until you can make it to another switch in the middle of the family room. (I’ll add that project to the Lawrence List.)

Once downstairs, I dump the dehumidifier. I notice that it’s not acting right. The compressor doesn’t want to seem to do its job. I guess it’s going to be time soon to get a new one.(This one has been on almost continuous duty for six or seven years. It’s done its duty.)

I finally get the birdseed but as I’m getting to the top of the stairs, I stumble, squishing the plastic container I’m holding a bit. The lid pops off and at least a cup of birdseed goes everywhere. Fabulous. Yet another mess to deal with.

I get that cleaned up and I race through the rest of my evening routine so I can sit down and watch HBO’s “Too Big to Fail.” Tons of huge names. Have been wading through all the hype for weeks. With little more than 38 minutes to go, the TV locks in place. I soon discover that cable is out. It would be out for the next few hours.

Frailty, thy name is Charter! I can hardly wait to kick these guys to the curb.

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Mama Martha said...

It has been a week that's for sure. rode out yesterday afternoon on the first floor warehouse of the building I work in. At least we had power and cell phone reception. My new car has hail damage but I can't tell how much until I can get it dry. At least a few big dings for sure. Ugh! And I've only made 1 payment on it!