Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Total Devastation

My heart aches for the people of Joplin, Mo., and its surrounding region. The total devastation and the continually increasing death toll is beyond tragic.

It’s horrible how this can keep occurring each week. Watching that coverage makes me feel more and more lucky to have gotten by with what we did in April.

The silver lining is that they found 17 people ALIVE in the rubble yesterday. I hope it's a trend that continues; I fear that it won't be.

Mother Nature needs to cut them slack so that they continue their rescue efforts. So many have lost so much already. As I usually do, I'll ask that you offer a helping hand if you can. There are so many groups, even individuals in the St. Louis area, who are sending back some of the love that came our direction a few weeks ago.

Sometimes you get what you give.

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BlackDog's Photographer said...

Boy that sure is sad to hear about isn't it. We also got struck by tornadoes on the same day up here in MN (North Mpls area) and lost 2 people and many homes. So very sad. The part that warms the heart is when you see total strangers pitching to help. It's amazing.