Friday, May 27, 2011

Ready. Set. Paint!

OK. Maybe I won't be doing actual painting this holiday weekend (or maybe I will, one never knows) but do know that I will be BUYING paint this weekend.

Yes, boys and girls, it's the Memorial Day paint sale at The Home Depot. Now through Monday, get $5 off a gallon or $20 off a five-gallon bucket of Behr, Glidden and other paints and stains. I know I will be buying outdoor white, more paint for the kitchen and possibly more black paint. The black paint will be for the strips of egg and dart molding which arrived from Surface Solutions amid all of the storm craziness that was Wednesday.

Yes, I have an eight-foot box in the middle of the livingroom floor. I'll get it moved later today.

Trying to decide on just WHAT to work on as, when I leave work this afternoon, I won't be back 'til THURSDAY. YIPPPEEEEE!!!!

That's the problem with having so many different projects going on. It's hard to know just where to start ...

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