Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Groceries and Rainbows

I’m always chasing rainbows … Yeah, that’s me, both metaphorically and in real-time. I’m a sucker for arcs of color in the sky.

As I sat at my desk last Thursday, I witnessed one of the weirdest weather patterns that I have ever seen. Ever. At least four times during the early afternoon I saw it shower, occasionally pretty heavily -- and mostly while the sun was shining brightly. And usually against the backdrop of a slate gray sky. Bizarre!

I periodically got up from my desk and attempted to view various angles of the sky, looking for the rainbow that just had to be there. I didn’t see it.

As evening arrived and I made my way home, the weird weather continued. Sun. Sun with rain. Gray sky. Grayer sky. Rain. Rain with sun. And as I neared the grocery store where I’d planned a quick stop, the rain stopped once more, slowing to a fine mist.

As I parked and then exited Ladybird, the sun again began to cut through the gray clouds – and the rain began anew. With it, I spied a widening rainbow arc. I quickly rifled through my bag and grabbed the camera.

I got some strange looks as I stood in the middle of the grocery store parking lot, a light shower falling, snapping away. But I didn’t care.

Pretty soon, people began to point not at me but at the rainbow forming over Arby’s. Then, just as quickly as it had started, the rain stopped.

The colors of the rainbow began to fade. I went inside to shop.

I was inside only a short time. As I walked to the car, the rain returned. First very lightly but by the time I had loaded the trunk and returned the cart, coming down at a good clip.

And the sun came out again.
As I was driving home, this is what was in front of me.

I hurriedly pulled Ladybird into a parking lot. More stares as I ran here and there to capture this.

Ask me if I care.

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