Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Next Up

I think that next up on the to-do roster is the bathroom. It's logical because I think it's the one room where I actually can finish things. There is, of course, quite a ways to go.

I have to finish the walls, wallpaper and paint. do some minor flooring repairs and put down quarter-round and … I think we’ve had a slight change of plans when it comes to the ceiling trim. Instead of using the thin egg-and-dart molding I’d bought to complement the existing thick wood trim in the bathroom, I think I’m going to go back to the proprietor of the Michelangelo project and spring for the egg-and-dart molding they sell which complements the ceilings.

You remember, right? Like in our kitchen.

Mind you, this was before I painted the cabinets (most of them anyway) AND before the arrival of our stainless appliances. This was June 2009, right after the ceiling and trim were finished.

In the bathroom though, the trim will be black, not silver. And the mother will have to paint it. And she will be unhappy about that. But, I think she will be far happier with the end result since she has recently said several times that she doesn’t like the wood in there now and isn’t sure about putting up the additional thin egg-and-dart in white.

Whatever. See, this is the problem in having almost TWO YEARS pass between the time you start a project and the time you, um, start the project and just stop. It gives her an opportunity to change the plan. Well, with the mother, that’s always an option, but when you give her almost two years to think about, it’s practically a given that she will not like something she liked then. (She already doesn’t like the floor. But, that’s just tough sh*t. I like it. It cost a bundle. It was a pain to put down. It ain’t coming up!)

At this point, you could put up rainbow-colored yardsticks for trim once the wallpapering is done and I’d likely nod in approval. OK. Maybe not that, but … you get the idea that I’m anxious to get something, anything off this massively growing list, right?

Memorial Day weekend is comin’, baby.

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Why S? said...

I'm starting to change my mind about decisions I made about the house.

It happens.