Sunday, June 26, 2011

In the Dark

No lights. Again.

This started last night just before 9. That outage lasted 90 minutes. Then, less than 90 minutes later, the power went out again. And more than THREE HOURS later, it's still out.

I'm extremely grateful that it's not one of those nights where it was still almost 90 degrees at 11 p.m. (like it was just a few weeks ago). We'd die in here. As it is, it's warm because my idiot mother HAD to take a shower. (On SCALD and with no fan to remove the steam.) Nice.

And the mother is making me nuts with her need to be entertained. Right now she has to settle for a transistor radio ... so I can't sleep. And if I go in my room and shut the door -- there will be no air circulating, so that wouldn't be restful either. Basically, I'm screwed.

We went through this same thing last weekend except it was later in the morning and didn't last nearly as long. Enough!

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