Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stuck in a Weather Pattern

It was a hellacrazy week, capped off by storms both Thursday and yesterday.

As a result, I was awakened at 5:30 this morning by the mother with the announcement of “You’d better get up. This doesn’t look good.” When I got up, it didn’t look good. We had both a tornado and sever e storm warning in place. Lovely way to start the day.

Luckily, the tornado warning was pulled within 30 minutes. By the time I tried to get comfy again, the storms were here in full force, lighting up and shaking the house. I’m not sure when I finally fell back to sleep. Last time I remember seeing the clock, it was around 7:30.

It continued to storm for a good chunk of the morning, but that all wrapped up by late morning. The clouds hung around though and it even looked like it could rain again. Finally, the sun came blazing out and the clouds left the scene. I was wishing some of the clouds would have stayed as between full sun and the d*mned humidity, buddy it was HOTTTT!!!

I did a whole bunch of general household stuff and finally went out to mow. It was still a bit wet from this morning’s downpour, but I got it done. I'm a little sunburned and tired and achey but glad to have that behind me. We’re supposed to get more storms later and tomorrow morning … is supposed to be a repeat of this morning.

ARRRGGH! Enough already with this batsh*t weather. Seems like by the time these storms end, it will be time for it to get cold again. I'm totally sick of it. Who's with me?


Jayne said...

I'm sick of it too! Several trees were blown over in town last night, and between the rain and the dam release at Yankton, we've got a LOT of water to contend with. How's St. Louis doing with flooding so far?

NV said...

Actually, we're doing pretty well! No immediate threats but we've had a consistent WARNING the past few weeks. I've not gone to the riverfront lately but I need to.