Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On Flag Day

Last weekend, I was parked behind a pickup that had what I thought was a very interesting bumper sticker. It featured the infamous Rebel flag (from the Civil War) and the words: “Love it or leave it.”

Like I said, interesting – albeit a bit flawed.

In the first place, the truck bearing said bumper sticker happened to be parked in Illinois and affixed to a vehicle with Illinois license plates. There was never any question of where “The Land of Lincoln” stood; it was clearly Union or northern territory. Had it been parked in say, Georgia or Alabama … it might not have struck me as so very odd.

To me though the bigger flaw is that the group for whom that flag was a symbol didn’t win the war. You didn’t win and you’re suggesting that someone in the winning territory leave the country? Hmmm … seems like some skewed logic there. Wake up folks, it’s been over for more than 155 years. It really is time to move on.

Especially considering that today is Flag Day, a day set aside to honor Old Glory. Here's my take on Flag Day -- St. Louis style.

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As usual- great photos!