Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time Flies

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend.

It's amazing to me just how quickly four days can go! This is my fifth and last day off before heading back to work.

I have done yard work, stripped and skim-coated bathroom walls, taken paint inventory (and purchased new during the Memorial Day paint sale), chosen a body shop and gone there for an initial consult for Pearl's repairs and washed clothes.

It wssn't anything like I'd hoped to accomplish but we've been slowed a bit by an unexpected houseguest. (More on that later.)

Right now, I'm going to grab a quick bite, meet up with my new BFF Advil, and relish the last morning that after awaking before dawn like normal (for a third consecutive day), I can mercifully crawl back into bed for a few hours.

Then, we'll see just what else I can do before tomorrow comes ...

1 comment:

karen said...

Busy girl. Tell Advil hi for me I will be seeing them later most likly.