Monday, June 20, 2011

Repeat Performance, Plus ...

Yesterday's weather ended up being a repeat performance of Saturday's weather but with a twist: two hours without power.

Luckily, it didn't get that warm in the house but being kept up from just before 5:30 until just after 7:30 was not my idea of an ideal Sunday morning! I could have just gone back to bed, but with no fan to circulate, it would have been much to warm in my room for sleeping.

The mother woke me up at 5:27 a.m. to tell me we had no power. (Why she couldn't let me sleep and figure that out on my own when I got hot ... who knows?) Just as she said the words, the power came back on. Then went off. Then came back on. Then went off.

And stayed that way. When I checked the Ameren site shortly after 6 a.m., I was told that yes, i had no power; that I was one of nearly 2,500 customers currently without power and that it would be restored by 5:15 p.m. GAH! Luckily, they shaved 10 hours off that time.

Ladybird didn't deal well with the weather, running a bit on the hot side. I'm kind of concerned that maybe she is having some issues, perhaps with the heater core. That could be serious. Going to see what happens over the next day or two, watch her closely and be ready to call Jim the mechanic for help.

She CANNOT die on me yet. I got stuff to haul!!! Plus, she will be our vehicle once Pearl goes into the shop to get the hail damage repaired. This is always the way things seem to go though so I shouldn't be a bit surprised.

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