Monday, June 13, 2011

More Weather Travails

I'm getting kind of tired of the weather ALWAYS being a "good news/bad news" scenario.

The good news: The weekend was gorgeous with very little rain and SPRING-LIKE temperatures (as opposed to the mid and upper 90s of last week and the week before that). That was extra good news for me because I was on the move most of the weekend with a birthday party on Saturday (with shopping for household stuff and washing a car piled on) and a bridal shower on Sunday.

The better news: We get to keep our spring weather for most of this week.

The bad news: It's supposed to rain every day this week (except maybe Friday) and at least through Wednesday we have the threat of severe weather. Really? Hasn't there been quite enough already, thanuveryfreakinmuch?! Mother Nature just needs to back off for a while. She's been waaaaaay too moody this year already -- and there's still another half of a year left!

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