Monday, August 9, 2010

5 Sure Signs That It's Monday

1. You specifically remember putting gas in the car on Sunday. And yet the gas gauge is on “get thee to a gas station.” (Oh. Yeah. Wrong car!)

2. Trip over dog while getting ready to take out trash and gash big toe. Put on Band-Aid.

3. About 15 minutes later, trip over cat (as you tried to side-step him because he likes to stand in the middle of the floor), hit previously injured toe on furniture. New Band-Aid required.

4. The bus is actually on time. (Because the regular driver is on vacation.) You, however, are not, and must run to reach the bus before it pulls away. Previously injured toe connects with curb. Yeah. That's another Band-Aid.

5. Your inbox is flooded with declines and “propose new time” e-mails from all the meeting invites you sent out last week. Some of the names though are from people you didn’t invite. You have to try to connect the dots to identify which of these people belong to which invitation. You have to resist the urge to reply with, “Wait. Who are you?”


Kate R said...

OUCH!! Hope the rest of your day (and week, for that matter) go much, much better!

Home Improvements said...

Did this happen to you? . I was expecting you to post that it's already Monday because you're excited to go to work after weekend, but I was wrong, :D ..Still, nice post! LOL

MonkeyGirl said...

Wow! Ouch!! Yikes!! I hope your week gets much better!