Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ugly Room? There’s a Contest for That!

There’s a story about legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill being confronted by a woman at a party over his drunkenness. “You, sir, are very drunk,” the woman supposedly said.
Churchill didn’t deny it. “Why, yes, I am. And I plan on getting drunker still.” (I’m sure his confronter loved this. But wait. Ole Winston rolls on.)

“In the morning, however, I will be sober. But you, madam, will still be ugly.”

That story pretty well sums up the relationship that most of us have with at least one room in our home. There are some rooms that even the best bottle of wine or a barrel of margaritas just can’t do much to improve. But, as if to prove there’s a remedy for almost everything that ails us, Sears Hometown Stores has launched “The Ugliest Room Contest.”

You can upload a photo of your ugliest room for a chance to win a room makeover – all done by Sears.

There will be three grand prize winners of a room makeover which includes paint, supplies, labor, color consulting services, and a $500 Sears gift card. And, not only do you get one room the way you want it without lifting a finger (except the one you use to snap your photo and click your way through the entry process, but …. Winners also get a $1,000 local community donation! (Winners can choose the nonprofit organization or charity and Sears makes the donation in the winners’ names).

But, you have to act fast. Entries will be accepted through Aug. 20, after which 10 finalists will be selected. Three Top 10 picks will s be revealed on the contest site as well as Sears’ Facebook page. Even if you don’t enter, be sure to vote for the ugliest room from Aug. 22 to 31. Grand prize winners will be announced on Labor Day.

So, get your ugly on!


Why S? said...

I once had two of the ugliest bathrooms in America. I swear, they were PAINFUL!

Too bad they're done. I would surely have won that contest.

Just kidding. Not "too bad" at all.

Kate R said...

My ugliest room right now would probably be my spare bedroom. Unfortunately, the only prize I would probably win for that room would be for hoarders! Must. Clean. Out.

Kate R said...

BTW, I saw StuccoHouse tweeted last night that blogger is now detecting spammers. Have you noticed?

And yeah, I'm liking this twitter thing.