Saturday, August 7, 2010

Resting Comfortably

I had plans.

Last night, I was going to meet up with some Georgers
who are in town for a St. Louis "meet-up." It's always nice to put faces with the names we converse with online. I was looking forward to it.

About two hours before I'd plan to leave work, the mother called. Ozzie was very sick and throwing up all over the house. (The mother would happily hold your guts inside your body for you without flinching. Just don't ask her to clean up barf.) So, I can only imagine how much fun she was having.

I had driven because I had plans after work, right? Instead, I stayed at work a little later than normal, wrapping things up on what was an insane week. Then I went straight home. Poor Ozzie. He was one sick puppy!

Lucky for me -- AND for him -- he got sick only one more time last night. Instead of going to a bridal shower for one of my colleagues today, I was at the vet's office. Seems my buddy has a nasty ear infection. Armed with drugs and directions for a bland diet, I brought my baby back home and stuck him at my side. Not that I had to. He gravitates there, naturally.

He spent most of the day resting comfortably (and thankfully, for both of us, with no more barfing). He's even perking up.

The things we have to go through for these babies... but he's so worth it.


Vicki said...

Awww :( It's amazing to me that animals can get sick with human-like ailments. An ear infection! Hope he heals quickly!

Why S? said...

Poor baby. I'm glad he's feeling better. Where'd an ear infection come from? Had he gone swimming?