Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guilt and Confession

The confession: The bathroom looks just like it did on Friday -- except for the freshly laundered towels and bathmat.

It was a long, tough week. Storms kept us close to home Friday night, though I'd planned to go and get food and other items. I guess it was something of a blessing though as I crashed very early I was so tired. We got up early on Saturday morning instead. And by the time we got home, I was tired. Instead of embarking on anything, I enjoyed a nice, quiet evening for a change.

Today, I got up early again. This time, it was so I could do laundry and ideally, have it all knocked out before noon. I succeeded. I got Pearl scrubbed inside and out and managed to get clothes for work together for tomorrow AND clothes to change into tomorrow night when I get to go to the ballpark.

Once a year, our company's various departments get use of the luxury suite. Tomorrow night is our night. And I'm really glad that we have the benefit of an air-conditioned suite. It's supposed to be 95 tomorrow and the humidity is supposed to return with a vengeance. (Though I don't know that it really left. It was plenty hot today even though it remained in the 80s.)

Guilt: It has set in. My plans to work on the bathroom -- TOTAL FAIL. I feel bad about not getting started yet AGAIN but it was nice to have the weekend to recharge. The consolation: It's going to be ANOTHER busy week so I should find some comfort in being better prepared to face it.

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Liz said...

Hope you left all that guilt in the bathroom so you can just enjoy the game tonight!