Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Dreams

As predicted, Sunday was action-packed.

I did all kinds of basic house stuff, washed Pearl, went to the dump (from Saturday’s mowing adventure) and then it was time to get cleaned up and head for my boss’ baby shower.

You know you’re in trouble when the location is a candy store/dessert and coffee café. If you’re me, you’re in lots of trouble because it’s a place (in its life as a candy store anyway) that I’ve frequented for more than 30 years. So, I’m well aware of its awesome tasty goodness.

And further, how could you not be in trouble when this is the “entrée” that is served to you?

Yes, get a good look at that chocolaty goodness. (From left to right, solid signature dark chocolate piece, dark chocolate vanilla caramel, some kind of olive in milk chocolate and topped with salt (which while good, wasn’t my favorite), dark chocolate raspberry truffle, and chocolate-dipped orange slice.) The truffle nearly gave me a heart attack it was sooooo good!

Yeah, that was a whole lot of trouble.

That’s the kind of thing that I dream about some nights. (Yes. Sometimes I dream in chocolate.)

It was incredibly hot yesterday and I had to walk two blocks because I gave up and pulled in a paylot after not being able to find anywhere to park. (I was unaware of a garage a block off the main drag.) I made a few stops on the way home, hauled everything in and came home to find the mother ailing with a cold. That put me on animal duty.

By the time I got everyone lined out and everything put away, I was STARVING! I’m an “eat dessert first” person all the way but after my chocolate overindulgence, I was more than ready for some plain ole food! And after getting several other things lined out, I grabbed a shower and crashed. I was exhausted.

Tonight is going to be an early one. It has to be. I have to be up and at ‘em and out the door tomorrow in plenty of time to make a 7:15 flight to Dallas. And, while I won’t have luggage since it’s just a day-trip, I am driving so I will need extra time to park. (When I fly, I usually take the MetroLink to the airport and back, if I get in early enough. If not, I hop a cab.) Usually, I just jump off the train and walk right into the terminal. It’s been at least seven years since I’ve driven to the airport and nearly three since I’ve flown.

It should be an interesting adventure to say the least to make sure I have everything I need, be coherent enough to drive, and be out the door by roughly 5:30 a.m., not get lost trying to park, grab a shuttle, make it to the terminal, take on security, and ideally supercharge with caffeine all before boarding my flight.

I think I’ll just keep that chocolate image in my head instead of thinking about it … maybe it will create some sweet dreams.

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Mama Martha said...

That truffle would have done me in too, raspberry & dark chocolate is a wonderful combo!! Here's hoping the trip goes well.