Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ahhhh ...

That's the sound of a day well-spent. It started early and it was active.

The MonkeyGirl and I made it to the crop before it started. (This SO does not happen.) I got to play with my Slice (which gave me a good scare after I changed the blade and it refused to work for a while). Thankfully, all was well once again and I got to use it for the rest of the day with very satisfactory results!

The MonkeyGirl surprised me with some drawing pens for the Slice. (Yeah, I have the greatest friends.) Drawing and embossing are two more of its capabilities, both of which I've yet to explore. Today though I am feeling much better after getting some experience with just CUTTING.

In fact, I've become so enamored with this little beauty that I fear an intervention may soon be in order. (I've ordered the storage bag, TWO cartridges, the 12x12 mat and the tool kit. That's got to be it for now. I don't normally spend money like this so I'm being a bit indulgent.)

After getting home, I got things in, changed clothes and promptly took to the yard. It no longer looks like Vietnam. In fact, it looks pretty good.

I worked until after dark, so I've yet to get the mani/pedi I need to and get some clothes together for my boss' babyshower tomorrow. And Pearl needs to get scrubbed beforehand. So, tomorrow should be just as activity-filled as today.

It's nice to close the book on a day that was really well spent.

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MonkeyGirl said...

I felt like I was in sugar overload on Saturday after eating doughnuts all day! Good luck on your trip, you will completely rock Dallas! Love ya MEF!!