Monday, August 16, 2010

Another New Week

The weekend was over with barely a blink. So here I was awakening to Monday morning.

When I took out the trash it was still quite dark. (The days are getting shorter again. Sigh.) The air was damp but cool. It was actually comfortable outside with the temperature hovering somewhere near 70. It was a far cry from the 79-84-degree days of the past two weeks.

Even the birds were silent, probably opting to sleep in a bit and soak in the welcome morning cool.

As I left for the bus, the sky was still dark, but lightening up. When I was little, and a sky was particularly beautiful with color, my grandmother would say that “God is painting.” If that’s the case, today he is particularly taken with puffy dots. I can almost picture him, brush in hand, placing a puffy gray dot here, a puffy white dot there and oh, just to shake things up some, let’s put a particularly puffy pink dot right here!

As the sun begins to rise and the sky goes first purple, then pink, then orange, the puffy dots which are now spread across a blue sky, uniformly turn white.

I took a legitimate day off on Saturday, except for running around and getting stuff. It was miserably hot with triple-digit heat indices.

While it would have been only too easy to repeat that performance yesterday, I got moving. I skipped yard work this weekend, opting instead to tear into the basement. I managed to get several things put away and to haul out a full bag of trash. Though you’d be hard-pressed to see a difference, I can, so there was a degree of satisfaction in doing that. I’ve got a long way to go.

I gave Pearl a good scrubbing, something I had skipped last weekend, so actual dirt rolled off of her – a rarity. But like I said, it was allo over in a flash. Here it is Monday and I’m nearly at the office.

Welcome back to the grind.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous writing, my friend. The way you talk about God and clouds and painting, and make it seem all so whimsical and nostalgic. Simply lovely . . .

And I, too, and thankful for cooler, less humid weather. Hallelujah!!!!

NV said...

Thanks, Brian! Considering the source, I take that as high praise. :-)