Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rappin' the DIY Channel

You really can't make this stuff up. But, I guess if a journalist turned PR rep can DIY and can aspire to one day have a show called "Your D*mn House," then I guess anything is possible, right?

It seems that paleface rapper boy Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle) is getting his own DIY show on the DIY network. The "Vanilla Ice Project" will debut this fall. *Quickly checks calendar to make sure that said calendar isn't on April 1.*

This isn't really new anymore either. Apparently, it has been out there in the public for at least three months. I, however, am just hearing about it for the first time this week. And I'm laughing my a** off.

This blog entry had the best openings line(s) about it. (Note: You might find it more amusing if you're familiar with the lyrics to his biggest hit, Ice, Ice Baby.)

Apparently, he picked up a foreclosed on and totally stripped 7,000-square-foot mansion that he and some friends are going to fix up. I can't resist. I can just hear what's going to be going on in that house.

Take heed 'cause I'm a DIY-er.
Miami's real estate scene is catchin' on fire.
My house, no ... make that a mini mall
Watch me kick it there DIY style this fall.
Cause my style, it's out of control.
See my tattooed buddies and me make it roll.
I'm broke now so this is a hell of a concept
Get a mansion on the cheap and watch me fix it up yeah.

Only in America ...


Vicki said...

Love it! The song really, but the show should make for some laughs. I wonder if he'll have the same hairstyle...

Jayne said...

Great lyrics! How bad is it that I heard that song on the way home from work yesterday morning? And I rapped along with it, too. lol I hope he still has the same haircut and the shaved lines in his eyebrows.