Saturday, April 5, 2008

Buying Furniture Online

It was a This D*mn House first: I bought furniture online.

In trying to make the basement family room less of mish-mosh of furniture styles, we decided to buy a cherry wood one. Found a nice Sheridan style to fill the bill. And at a really good price, too!

We don't own a truck (though the 'bird often carries the capacity of one, poor thing)so hauling anything of length is always an issue. That's where the online advantage came in -- delivery! And it was free delivery at that.

I was told by the furniture people that it would be about three weeks before it would arrive and that I'd get a call 3-4 days ahead to set up delivery. That never happened. What I did get was a post card -- on Wednesday -- saying that if it wasn't delivered by week's end, it would be subject to freight and storage charges. And since they only offered "curbside" delivery, I couldn't very well leave my mother at the curb to accept it.

So, I took an on-the-spur vacation day (frowned upon) but no one made a big deal of it so I could be home to manage it.

At least it wasn't raining, a major achievement of late. And the guy who brought it was a sweetheart. He handed down the springs and mattress. I hefted those to the porch. Then, he handed down a dolly -- and proceeded to load the daybed onto the dolly AND ROLLED IT TO THE PORCH. I didn't expect that.

Getting it downstairs was a bit tougher, but Mom and I did it. We were able to unbox it and we carried the back down together. I carried each of the sides down a trip at a time by myself. Someday it will have to get assembled. But first, its predecessor will have to be dismantled and removed. Someday.

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