Friday, April 18, 2008

Yard Work -- TWO Four-Letter Words

So, I still haven't completely abandoned the idea of adding an ark to the project list ... but if the weatherman is right, this weekend will be dry. That means only one thing: I have to mow my yard.

If not, it will soon look more like Vietnam than a home in the suburbs. And, the fact that both yard and work are four-letter words is irony not wasted on me.

I'm the person who gets excited when the realtor on House Hunters says, "And it has a lovely little yard." (Added emphasis on the little.)

For years, I have always maintained that it will be very easy to tell when I hit the lottery. Every piece of yard maintenance equipment I own will be out in the alley. I will never touch one again.

C'mon, Powerball!


Dee said...

Huh. I love yard work (provided it doesn't involve gasoline-powered engines). I like the smell of earth and puttering with green growing things. And no matter how much you do, there's always more, so there's no pressure to be FINISHED, like there is with, say, laundry. You just weed for a while. Or not.

NV said...

Well, mowing requires the gas-powered engine. And I HATE weeding because it never does end.

Dee said...

Yeah, I have this hate-hate-HATE-REALLY-BAD relationship with gas-powered engines. Right now my tractor blades are bound up in long grass and I need to get it fixed. Couldn't mow even if the ground were dry enough. In the past I have damaged tillers, weedeaters, chain saws, you name it. I'd rather just head out with loppers and a trowel.

Ann said...

I AGREE. Both me and hubby hate yard work. Most of all, we hate weeds. Ugh.

Anonymous said...