Monday, April 14, 2008

Cubit Query

My recent entry referring to the cubit -- or the measurement by which Noah supposedly built his ark -- had several people commenting: "So how big is a cubit? You never said." Being the eternal student, and determined to learn at least one new thing every day, allow me to remedy that.

According to a whole lot of entries on the cubit, it is roughly the modern equivalent of 18 inches or half a yard. Wikipedia has some interesting info on this historical measurement.

Just don't try telling the guy at Lowe's or Home Depot how many cubits of materials you need.

Aw hell. I may have to do it now.


Ann said...

Before your very last line - I was JUST gonna say, now, you MUST ask for everything in CUBITs, just 'CUZ. I would so love that!

NV said...

You KNOW it! Though I think it will be at Lowe's after what they did to my friend.