Friday, April 11, 2008

You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To

I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a pet. When I was a baby, there were cats and birds. I got my first dog at 7 and my own cat at 8. And since then there have been more dogs, more cats, birds, mice, even a bunny. A menagerie to say the least. So, I have a very hard time relating to people who don't like animals and/or who knock those of who are a bit on the fanatical side. Frankly, I feel sorry for them as I think they're missing out on something truly wonderful.

I understand why some people who like animals don't have animals. They don't feel they have the time or energy to take care of them. I'll admit, animals are a lot of work. I don't even have the lion's share for mine because I'm not home with them all day -- Mom is. I do my share though.

Some nights, I wish they would clean up after, feed, and otherwise care for themselves. But they also have an ROI that can't be beat. This photo is a perfect example of what I mean. It's what I often see in the door of This D*mn House when I get off the bus at night. Ozzie gets SO excited. He just hunkers down and shakes, waiting for me to reach and then open the door, before he explodes into a flurry of barking and erratic movement. He is a welcome wagon extraordinaire!

A greeting like that is the perfect kind after a tough day at the office! (Assuming, of course, you can't get Antonio Banderas with a margarita.) Ozzie's one guy in my life who will never ever care what I look like, how old I get, or how much money I don't have. Which, after picking up the car, ain't much ...

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Ann said...

LOOK at that heart nearly broke a little, not from pain, but just because I *get* the love you're describing - and I can see it in his little face. He is smiling in that pic, I swear!