Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WWW: Mandee's Kitchen

Welcome to the debut of Weekend Warrior Wednesday. If you're doubting your DIY abilities, hopefully these posts will give you some confidence. I'd love to hear what you think - and I'd love to hear about YOUR project.

If you can keep up with this girl, I'm frightened. She's not content to be expecting a baby, chasing a 7-year-old, working from home, and being a Yorkie mom -- she has to take on a kitchen remodel, too! (Note the adorable Yorkie on the finished floor.)

Actually, she's got some great advice to share about her new kitchen from top to bottom. While it's still a work in progress, her kitchen is already sporting a new ceramic tile floor and lovely crown molding and wainscoting. I think even Mandee may have been surprised by more than one of these tips:

1. When family visits, put them to work. Mandee's brother-in-law and father-in-law were key to getting the job done. The tile had been languishing around the house for about a year. So, if you get extra hands in, don't let them be idle!
2. It may take less time than you think. While "the boys" had estimated 3-4 days to complete the work and banished Mandee from the house (limiting exposure to chemicals), they wrapped the job in little more than a day.
3. Give it a try and save big bucks. While home improvement can be very expensive, a lot of the cost is in labor. So, when you take it on, you cut the expenses dramatically. Mandy's hubby is busy putting in crown molding and wainscoting. Mandee reports that the molding was $150 for material but that will cover both the kitchen and living room. The wainscoting cost $80 for all of the material and paint. With hubby doing the work using a borrowed saw, the labor cost: NOTHING! Mandee estimates that this work alone saved them hundreds of dollars.

That will leave Mandee some spare change to put into a future project. And since her redo continues, that will sure come in handy!

CONGRATULATIONS, Mandee. It looks great. We'll have to check back in with you when you get the next phase complete.