Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picture This

A recent visitor to my office commented, "You have a lot of pictures in your office."
That is a fact. They should see all the pictures at This D*mn House!

In my office, there are pictures of the Ozman, and of Tigger and Toby. There are pictures of me with my friends. There are pictures of some of the coolest places I've ever been, all snapped by yours truly. (These include Cancun, Seattle, Ocracoke Island, and Rocky Mountain National Park.)
At home, multiply that by 30 or 40 and you might be getting close. Mostly, these are family photos from four or five generations, with a few friends thrown in for good measure. It's probably close to a 50/50 split of those I knew and those I never met. Their faces cover almost every wall both upstairs and down except for the bathroom.

Downstairs is home to my collection of Creative Memories scrapbooks. I think I have seven or eight now, each with at least 90 pages. Do the math. It's a mind-numbing number of pictures.

But I've always been something of a shutterbug, shooting pics since age 7 or 8. I much prefer being on the viewfinder side to the lens side.

The purchase of a digital camera last year only made the images multiply exponentially. But here's the funny part. A few nights ago, I discovered an exposed, yet still undeveloped, roll of film. After nearly a year of shooting almost exclusively digital, I miss the mystery of dropping off the roll to see what you got. This one, however, really is a mystery as I don't even recall shooting anything with it.

Watch for me. I'll be the geek at Walgreen's flipping through the photos as they walk out the door ...