Thursday, April 10, 2008

So how big's a cubit?

Overnight, it poured like crazy at This D*mn House. It took a brief respite then started up again while I was waiting for the bus.

Semi-drenched when I arrived at work this morning, I couldn't resist the urge to ask one of my older and infinitely wiser colleagues, "So how big is a cubit anyway?"
He just laughed and countered with a line from Bill Cosby's historic Noah routine: "RIIIIIIGHT. What's a cubit?"

I guess I thought the cubit reference was more common than it is. When I said this jokingly to someone else they looked at me oddly and then said, "What?"
And later in the day, my wise colleague approached me in the corner kitchen, leaned in and said, "I would have thought more people would know what a cubit is. Not the measurement, but at least understand the reference." Yeah, me too.

While we're on the subject of doubling up … let's talk about the car. Turns out it needed a whole lot of parts as the front suspension was basically shot. At least two of everything! After stopping by the mechanic's last night, I can tell you there was a sea of hardware laying around the car. And I have to tell you, with its front end jacked up and all the wheel assembly gone from either side, its hood standing open, the poor thing looked like it had been parked and then stripped in a bad neighborhood. I actually felt sorry for it.

I say that now. But, of course, once I finally reclaim it, that thing better ride like a Cadillac for what it's costing to fix it! Here's hoping it's done on Friday ...


Ann said...

Hi Nicole - it's me, Wylie's Mom (Ann) from YT! Love the blog, keep it up, girl! Writing is so therapeutic, fun, and cathartic. Thanks for sharing your space with me. :)

NV said...

Thanks, Ann. Really appreciate the encouragement.
You are 100 percent correct, which is probably why I'm having so much fun with it.