Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bonfire of the (Dream) Vanity

I haven’t told my godmother yet. I don’t think it’s fair that I have to so I’ve been avoiding it since last night. But I’m much too far ahead in the story. Rewind to Tuesday …

I’m eating a donut and drinking a coffee and checking out Lowe’s site when I see this. It’s $298! My brain isn’t processing this amount. It CAN’t be $298. But it is. I nearly spill coffee on myself.

I print a photo and all the details and that night, I show it to the godmother. She falls in love. Immediately.

“That’s it. That’s the one,” she says. “It’s the one for the women’s restroom.”

She wanted me to check out Lowe’s for something for the men’s restroom and I said I would. I did. I found a small standard one (the only one the room is big enough to handle) and cheaper than Home Depot.

I was ready to order both for her yesterday. Except … when my cart came back up, the cart that had the dream vanity in it, it said “unavailable.”

I called and talked to a customer service rep and last night, a local store manager called me. Apparently, this vanity had been discontinued sometime back. He had no explanation for why it remained on both their Web site and manufacturer RSI’s. He said he checked stores all over to see if someone had one in stock, but no dice. So that's it for the perfect style, perfect size, perfect price.

There are a few options but only one is a real possibility. Meanwhile, I’ve continued to look but in vain. Now I have to burst that bubble. Lucky me.


karen said...

It is so pretty sorry it is not to be. We have a store in our Mall that has sinks like that in it. It is a kind of new store with old looking stuff in it. I wish you could see it.

sewwhat? said...

Have you checked out Home Decorators Warehouse? They carry that type of vanity.

kaypasa2001 said...


Anonymous said...

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NV said...

Karen -- sounds like a cool place and one I could get in quite a bit of trouble in! :-)

Sewwhat -- Sure did. Didn't have anything comparable.

KayO -- Thanks! I was a bit pleased with it.

Anonymous said...