Monday, February 22, 2010

The Contenders

To say that I was unhappy with Lowe’s on Saturday would be a gross understatement.

I went by there on a mission, amid a number of other tasks, to see just what they had in stock in the way of vanities. What greeted me upon entering the bath department was this sign, telling me that I could special order the dream vanity in seven days.

I know this to be BS. And after all the calls I’d had with a department manager less than 24 hours before, there that sign remained! Seriously, you'd think they could have found five seconds to take it down to help anyone avoid some of the upset that I've had the past few days over making the reality of inventory match what's shown as available.

Apparently not.
So, angry though I was, I took a look around. I'm really glad that I did.

I saw this vanity.

And this one, too.
I like that first one but both of these have vessel bowls atop the vanity. I’m not incredibly wild about that and neither is the godmother though she likes he first one, too. Documented details on both of these as potential contenders.

But, there was always this one.

It’s the bigger brother if you will of the dream vanity which has caused so much heartache.

Not only is this one still available there is one in stock IN THE STORE. It’s a little bigger (2ox31) and pushing the limits of the available space in this tiny room, but I think it will work.

The godmother loves it, of course, since it is the big brother of her first choice. Like me, she’s concerned about the additional size. Truth is, it’s an inch deeper than the smaller one. One inch. At 20 inches, that still leaves 25 inches of clearance to enter the room. If you can’t enter a 25-inch space, well, that vanity isn’t your problem.

So … I’m calling the manager this morning to ideally purchase that vanity and a different one for the men’s room that I was pleasantly surprised to find. (The manager, who was off for the weekend) promised to “work with me” on the price of a substitute because of all the upset and confustion over the dream vanity.

Let’s see just how good a deal he’s willing to make.