Friday, April 16, 2010

Farewell, Summer

I can smell the rain in the air. We need it desperately. The pollen is clinging to everything. The house. The deck. Pearl. (Despite the fact that she has been washed three times in less than 10 days.)

My eyes and throat are going nuts. I do not want another sinus infection. If this keeps up though, I fear that’s exactly what I’m in for.

But as much as I know that we need it, part of me hates to see it come. It will usher in cooler temperatures. (We aren’t supposed to hit 70 over the weekend.) The last few days have been SO wonderful. I really do hate to see them go. At least I got to enjoy them – and take in some beautiful old buildings in the process.
A big box arrived on my doorstep yesterday. And I already have a few other boxes that need unpacking. Look for a return of ToolTalk AND the history segment next week as I’m chock full of fodder for both!

Now to get enough time to put some tools to the test and string together some tales of bygone days … two of my favorite activities.


karen said...

Have fun with your tool testing. Can't think of anything more fun at this moment. I love power tools yes I do.
It is cool here today. I had to close the windows. So far the pollen as left me alone which is not normal. I don't know why but I am glad. Thank the lord.And I pray no sinus infection this year for you.

Mama Campbell said...

We needed the rain too, but hate the cold front that moved in. I was really getting used to the summer-like weather!! But I guess if it takes the pollen away a bit, I'll still be a happy camper.

NV said...

Karen -- Thanks! Hoping to stave them off for the rest of the year. Can't WAIT to get tool-testing. :)

Mama C -- Yeah, I was liking the summeresque temps, too. Oh well. They'll be back. I just hope the pollen leaves soon. It's AWFUL!

Anonymous said...