Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Preview

I'm weak. I admit it.

If you had any idea the size of the backlog of materials I have in the hopper for this blog ... if only they were written! During the past several weeks, I've made good use of outdoor time and taken lots and lots and lots of photos. You've even seen some. Others, I just have to save until I create the words to accompany them.

But seriously, I am chomping at the bit to put them all out there. And since yesterday was a long day (followed by an even longer night as I attended a work-related function that got me home at 9 p.m.) I figured I could contain myself by sharing a few, just a few, of the shots I've captured recently.

So ... here's a peek. Just a peek -- at what's coming in the future. See anything you like? I know I do. God, I love downtown!


Vicki said...

Beautiful! I need to get out and take some pictures of the DC architecture. Will you do the building research for me? ;)

cd said...

I miss Downtown. The pictures as always, are great.