Monday, April 26, 2010

Floating Away

OK, rain, you can stop now! It’s sprinkling this morning, making it a fifth consecutive day with at least some rain. Enough. No mas, por favor.

It rained only sporadically yesterday, but it was already so wet that yard work was out of the question. (So now my yard is beginning to look junglesque.) It also quashed my plans for some tool-testing.Fortunately, our timing was on cue as we managed to miss downpours both at our destination and once we arrived back home. We did get a heavy misting as we were midway through our shopping adventure, but, except for the strong winds, that wasn’t that bad.

The stores were jam-packed yesterday, a direct result I’d guess of people sticking close to home during Saturday’s mini-maelstrom. I overheard more than one conversation about the weather and people’s experiences on Saturday to confirm that theory.

There are tree limbs all over our neighborhood, suggesting to me that we did have some fairly strong winds on Saturday. I’m happy to report that that was the worst of it for us. No damage. No power loss, though a family friend was in the dark for a while. (That was the worst they had happen, thank God.)

Unfortunately, those much farther south of us weren’t so lucky. I feel so badly for them. Every time I see footage like that, I invariably think back to ’06 when so much of our area was hit hard. Storms are not fun and regardless of the amount of damage you suffer, it’s enough to make you paranoid when you watch one forming that seems even remotely out of the ordinary. And, being awakened by the emergency sirens, like I was during a nap on Saturday, doesn’t do much to enhance one’s comfort level.

Ordinarily, I’m not that bothered by storms but I picked up on something Saturday that got my attention. The birds sensed it, too. I watched more than one quizzically look at the sky from the shelter of the back door’s awning. They weren’t quite sure what to make of it either.

I guess they have a hotline into nature’s vibe.


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Victoria said...

I just can't believe how bad the weather has been lately. It seems like its either the most glorious day you have ever seen, or the worst tempest you remember. Its all so strange. Glad to hear your hangin' in there with it all. :)

Kate said...

I'm with ya! My yard also needs mowed sooooo badly but it's going to need at least another day or 2 for it to dry out enough for me to do it without totally clogging up my mower. Luckily, our rains were not as severe. Most of the debris around my house are oak catkins, the fuzzy worm looking things. They are everywhere, clogging up everything.

And we're tonight we're under a frost advisory - geesh!