Thursday, April 15, 2010

One April 15 Question

It’s April 15. Do you know where your taxes are?

Thankfully, I started mine Dec. 31 and had federal and one state filed at the end of January. I had refunds by the first week of February.

But my resident state? Ah. I never get around to it until the 11th hour because it is SUCH a pain in the butt. And it's a total wash: I don't owe them. They don't owe me. Schedule for this. Worksheet for that. Copies of federal and state to go with it. Gah!!!

You shouldn’t need an engineering degree to do taxes. You just shouldn’t. Such is life though when you live in one state and work in another.

I let TaxAct do it for me because I am not “eligible” to file online myself because of all the schedules and worksheets, etc. Huh? Why, if I PAY someone else, will the state take it, but if I tried to submit the paperwork online myself I can’t?

Whatever. Just take my money. At least the sh*t is filed. The state had accepted it by yesterday afternoon. Another year done!

Here's hoping that you can say the same very soon if you haven't already ...


karen said...

I did not file this year cause I have been caring for mom and not working . First time in years . Kind of feels weird. But today is my son's 20th birthday so it is a good day.

Karen Anne said...

At least my state is sensible enough to just take a percentage of the federal taxes, mostly. It's crazy the amount of time it takes to do the federal return for even a simple situation like mine, but then the state return is a piece of cake.

Kate said...

I only started mine a few days ago. I had an unusual return this year so I kept procrastinating. Just hit the send button last evening but federal is already accepted. I'm still waiting to hear from the state but they usually take 48 hours so I'm not concerned. Just glad it's over for another year.

NV said...

Karen -- You've been doing much more valuable work. :) Happy belated birthday to the boy!

Karen Anne -- My federal taxes are a breeze. It's the state that tries my patience every year.

Kate -- AMEN! Love that feeling.