Sunday, April 25, 2010


I despise drivers who refuse to use turn signals. It's not only rude, it's unsafe.

I was plagued with them today but one in particular, in a red Impala, complicated my life for miles and miles. This moron was weaving in and out of traffic like crazy as we approached our shopping destination. He did this to me two or three times before speeding off ahead.

Then, he reappeared in just enough time to pull into my lane -- and in front of me -- as we turned onto a lot. I scowled at him as we parked. The bastard just grinned. Grinned.

I blew it off and went on with my afternoon.

Coming home, I could hardly believe my luck. This same jackass was IN FRONT OF ME AGAIN! How is that even possible?! But it was him. And he was back to his antics, wildly weaving in and out of traffic. The last straw was when he came barreling into my lane, sans blinker, missing Pearl by inches. Inches. I was furious. I was ready to kick his ass.

It was so not fair that I was saddled with this idiot yet again. He would surely cause an accident. And God help us both if it involved me.

The mother, who is a paranoid driver at best, and who is without fail always bitchin' for me to slow down even when I'm going the speed limit, threw me into complete shock. "Blow him off the highway," quoth the mother. So, as we hit the highway from the exit ramp, I immediately shifted into the left lane before the assh*t even had a chance to react. I, of course, used a blinker.

Blessed by a lack of traffic, I decided to take the mother's advice. I blew past him at about 90.

The look on his face -- in the split second that I got to view it -- was priceless. Eat that, assh*le! The mother cheered. I let my foot off the accelerator, flipped on my signal, and carefully pulled back into the right lane behind the traffic I was fast approaching. A few seconds later, I had settled back to the speed limit.



Kate said...

Go NV!! Too bad you couldn't get a pic of that.

Every time I see jerks like this, weaving in & out of traffic with seemingly no regard for the safety of others on the road, I want so badly to just call the cops & report them.

Eugenia Tibbs said...

I don't know you but I feel for you. Got stuck behind someone texting while stopped in traffic. Traffic moved but he sure didn't .