Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lookin' Up

The almost extra hour of sleep I got moved me out the door ahead of schedule. (I shunned the pre-dawn bus this morning, opting for the one I’ve been riding for two years or more, the one that is going to be pulled when new schedules take effect May 10.)

Having a few extra minutes, I chose the scenic route, the one that goes through my city’s historic district. It gave me a chance to check up on the triplets and it also gave me a surprise. I got to see some of the awesome progress that had been made on one of the houses. A house that had once been battered and probably in danger of wasting away to the point of demolition has a new lease on life!

The last time I saw it, it had already been resided but now the trim has been painted, a bay window had been tucked into one corner, and the windows are adorned with awnings. It’s so cool to see this house specifically, and this neighborhood generally, get some love.

One day soon I need to come through here and take some photos. It’s a really pleasant sight -- bit to mention quite a privilege -- to see revitalization in progress.

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