Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Into DIY Discounts

I’ve been watching with a little bit of envy as some of you have fully embraced your spring projects. I very much hope to rejoin the DIY brethren soon. This D*mn House is at that phase where something, anything, just has to get done – baby steps toward making it an actual house again!

While I don’t know when exactly that will be, I do know one thing that I will be armed with when it does happen: discounts. We love saving money at This D*mn House. (It’s that much more to put toward the next project!)

Fred and all our friends over at One Project Closer maintain a few posts with the most recent coupons from the major home improvement stores. The first two – courtesy of Home Depot and Lowes – include instructions for getting a 10% off coupon mailed directly to you from each of them. A third, this one for Sears, offers up their latest online deals (like when Kenmore appliances or all things Craftsman go on sale).

Go check it out:
Home Depot Coupons - 10% Off & More
Lowes Coupons - 10% Off & More
Sears Coupons - Appliance Discounts, etc...

These articles contain instructions on getting other deals from these places, too, both online and in-store. Bargainmasters Fred and Ethan do a great job of keeping on top of the lists. Thanks, guys, for making that DIY dollar go even farther!