Friday, July 30, 2010

Jane Austen in 2010

My day got much better.

I got several things done. A four-month-long project FINALLY launched. And then I saw this.

Oh. My. Freakin' God. This is hilarious. It's hard to maintain composure -- much less a seriously bad mood -- after viewing this!


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! I loved the part where one woman flips the other over and her shoes go flying!

The Idiot said...

I'm not really a Jane Austen type dude but that was hilarious!

Vicki said...

I had to watch it twice! Mainly because Reagan came in and wanted to see it from the beginning. I love it!

Why S? said...

Yes, that was indeed awesome.

I just don't get why it had to go so Tarantino?

NV said...

I'm SO glad that you enjoyed it! I am glad I didn't nearly die for no good reason :-)

Jessica -- Yes! I didn't notice that though until the third viewing ...

Mark -- See, I knew even non-Jane Austen types wouldn't be able to help themselves.

Why -- I don't know. I kind of liked the campy, modern edge. I just didn't know what to expect but I certainly DID NOT expect to laugh as hard as I did!