Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got Rugs?

For those of you familiar with last year's flooring saga, you know that there is no longer any carpeting upstairs at This D*mn House. There are just a few area rugs.

But with major overhauls planned for both bedrooms, a few new accent/area rugs are needed. Target and sometimes even Kmart can be places to get a good-looking rug without spending a fortune. (And when you have Yorkie feet and cat litter that are going to trod all over it, it's just not worth plunking down big bucks for such things.)

You are by now also familiar with my penchant for online shopping. So, a few weekends ago, I spent a good deal of time checking out online rug outlets. Mom had seen some rugs in a catalog (one of the millions that This D*mn House receives each year) but thought they were too much, especially when you added in the extra shipping charges the company wanted. I discovered

They had the right sizes and colors at a great price AND with FREE shipping. It's hard to pass that up.

Rugs can be really expensive. (I was shocked and I'm not shocked that easily.) So, suffice it to say that I got two rugs for less than what one would ordinarily cost. And since they seem to always be running a sale of some kind, you're bound to find a bargain.

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