Friday, February 19, 2010

B.B., Buddy, The MonkeyGirl & Me

I sat my little child down when he was old enough to know
I said I fell in this big wide world You're gonna be all kinda froze
I said son it all comes down to just one simple rule:
That you treat everybody just the way You want them to treat you.
-- Buddy Guy, "Skin Deep"

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity. All good, but exhausting. So, last night was the most welcome kind of change: Hangin' with a good friend at an awesome concert. The MonkeyGirl let me introduce her to the world o'blues -- LIVE!

B.B. King was in town last night. I've missed his last two visits (only times since about '94 that's the case) and considering that he's 84, I figured I shouldn't take any chances. And he was back with Buddy Guy whom I also love so I bought tickets when they went on sale back in September.

I didn't know there was a third act but music was already playing once we found the right gate to our seats. They had some kind of odd name but they sounded like .38 Special. I thought that was an interesting intro. Soon, we'd trade those twangin' guitars for some WAILIN' ones, thank God!

But finally, it was Buddy Guy to the stage. And, Buddy, WHAT A SHOW! He regaled us with jokes and stories, double entendres and just some out and out good ole blues! He even gave us music mimicking the styles of some of the other guitar greats including: Albert King, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker and Jimi Hendrix.

This was about the ninth or 10th time I've seen B.B. And to be honest, I'm glad that Buddy opened for him. Buddy gave such a great performance I didn't feel as slighted by the ole King of the Blues. Granted, he's 84 and he showed us he can still belt a tune and play a lick. But to be honest, he didn't play that much. I'm saying he played maybe 25 minutes MAX and I'd bet it was less than 20. He had a kick-ass orchestra and they played most of his set.

I'm sure at 84 though it's tiring to do ANY of it so I felt privileged just the same.

Much to my delight, B.B. did give us part of "The Thrill Is Gone." He says he plays a different version every time he plays it and I liked this one. When he started though, it was clear that he had forgotten the lyrics, God love him, which he started, then stopped, and ended up skipping an entire verse.

I only wish I'd brought my camera. I was going to (little voice in my gut told me to stick it in my pocket) but the venue was pretty specific about anything other than sporting events: no cameras. I think I was the only person in the place who abided by this. And I could kick myself for it! The seats were awesome (the sound NOT so much).

Even today, my ears are still ringin' a little. But in a good, good way.


Denise said...

We've seen Buddy a number of times in his club -- always puts on a great show! I've never seen B.B. live (coincidentally, a B.B. song w/Clapton is on the radio right now). Too bad his set was so short, but I think he has some health issues (diabetes, etc.). OTOH, Buddy is 73, so he's no young chicken either!

Jayne said...

I think it was Anthony Gomes a/k/a New Soul Cowboys who opened for them. I'd love to see BB live--he's on my side of the state tonight, but I'm stuck at work. :(

MonkeyGirl said...

Buddy was awesome! It was cool to see BB but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed.

Vicki said...

Sounds fun! It's weird seeing people grow old in front of our eyes. We all go through that with our parents, and that's odd enough, but it's strange seeing a famous person who was once untouchable being burdened by age and disease.

NV said...

Denise -- Buddy IS a true delight. You could see that BB was having some issues and it really made me feel for him. But hell, he's 84. A lot of people are long dead by then and this guy is out TOURING!

Jayne -- Bummer. I think you're right. If you get a chance to see him, take it. Not sure how many chances will be left!

MG -- I felt the same way. Glad you enjoyed it anyway!

Vicki -- I was thinking about that. When I first saw BB, back when he was younger than Buddy, he didn't even need a chair. Then,within a couple years, a few songs into his set, he'd need a chair. After a few more years, it was straight to the chair. Age sucks!

Anonymous said...