Monday, February 1, 2010

More From Another D*mn House

So I mentioned that we went to the restaurant and did much measuring, plotting and planning over the weekend.

The mother has been making herself crazy with it for the past two weeks. But yesterday, she had a few "a-ha" moments based on some of the pictures I took and some of the discussion that followed between she and I. I got the distinct impression by the part of the phone conversation that I could hear last night between her and the godmother that those ideas were largely approved.

While the place is very pretty, it needs some help. It's riddled with potential but it's going to be harder than hell to work in a place that's open seven days a week. Even so, the mother and godmother are thick as thieves in the plotting. It was funny to see how excited she was when the mother unveiled a creation for this dining room. (I didn't get to shoot this room last time because it was full of people.) The mother's creation: It was funny to watch the godmother take that dome and literally RUN into that dining room with it the second it was unboxed. She promptly pulled some goofy flowers that had adorned either end of the mantle right off and this got plunked into place.

The mother also brought along a nice merlot toile curtain for this window. We did take the bamboo shade down but the curtain isn't up. (The godmother loved that shade as much as the discarded flowers.) Yet. See where that blank spot is in the photo above with pieces of metal at 90-degree angles? A small cabinet is going there. I have to put it together first.

There will be mirrors and photos and maybe shelves going in these two dining rooms upstairs, too. There are three bathrooms in need of redoing, too, but I’ll save those for true before and after shots. I'm not sure when all this work is going to start or how exactly it's all going to get done. But, it will. And I think it's going to look awesome!